Tuesday October 25th

Decided to fly the bras at Canowindra, it's beautiful spring day not a cloud in the sky, cruised along landscape is so green, listened to Sarah Head on CD, such talent.

Now let me tell you it has takes a little while to adjust when I first head out, as Groovy has a little sister Suzuki, who is small, petrol and a manual so then to jump into Groovy who is big, diesel and auto, takes a little adjusting, also to have wipers and blinkers on opposite side, no rain but I know the wipers work! And sorry to the cars behind about blinking so late!

I must say Suzuki has been happy of late as big sister Groovy has been able to hand down a few pink items that were to small for her!

I wonder as I drive past the road workers what they are thinking, it is such a buzz to see them smile and wonder what they tell the guy at the other end of that walkie talkie, big pink bra headed your way, doesn't really matter as long as they smile, wave and hopefully might just start a conversation that might encourage someone to be more breast aware!

Arrive safe, cheering it is a drive through site, thankfully no backing as I am still working on that skill!
Light gas - yes hot shower tonight!
Plug in and TURN on power - yes
Hook up water - oops must of left tap connection in Mudgee, lucky I had a new Pink one! note now need a new spare.

Start talking to the family next door they have a mobile food van and been at Orange field days, husband tells me his wife 54 has just found a lump and is going to get it checked out, also heard someone else I know 47 has just be diagnosed! Cancer it just doesn't discriminate!

Canowindra caravan park nestled amongst trees on the Belubula River.