Sunday September 24

Nice Sunday drive 379kms from Winton to Cloncurry the scenery ever changing, a hot 42 degrees a hour up the track is Kynuna slap bang in the middle of Waltzing Matilda history, and home to the Blue Heeler Pub, we meet fellow travellers, one lady has been diagnosed with a very rare vaginal cancer ( 7 australians a year diagnosed) and outcome not good,  sell a couple of stubbie holders, enjoy a homemade sausage roll and a cold light beer.

We continue along the Matilda Way to McKinlay and stop to enjoy a drink and chat to publicans Frank and Deb at crocodile dundee's watering hole, and  home to Mick Dundee's bar and the Never Never Safari Truck, after a few photos with one local saying I hope if I show my wife this she will made the time and have a check!!! 

We then take a drive to the Art Tree and Queensland's smallest public library! 

On the road to Cloncurry arrive and head straight to the pool to cool off.