Monday June 19

This morning wake after a very restful nights sleep, slight breeze with sun shining a nice 20 degree for a winters day, Sitting having a morning coffee when Sarah comes over and says I am going to cook a pot of pumpkin soup for happy hour, and invite anyone to come along and meet you and hear your story! She said ask anyone you see on your walk this morning, so walk the streets of this quaint little town reading plagues of its history and chatted to some locals. Country people are so friendly. Head to happy hour and there are 6 couples, Sarah, Geoff and myself tell them my story , My Time with  breast cancer, why and how I foundered Pink Angels, the shades of Pink the work of the BCNA, Mc Grath Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation, challenging them to start the conversation, and encourage people to be looking after there health and be having regular screens.  I then recite The Mammogram by Shirley Friend. They generously made donations totalling $70 to help groovy fly the bras! Feeling very humble.