Monday July 31st

Time to say thanks to Lightning Ridge great 4 days, friendly people, loads of great things to see! 

On the road again listening and singing along to my new Mel and Susie  CDs.

Now have heard so many great reports on the Caravan Park at Gulargambone so plan to stop there for a couple of nights and catch up on a few things. 

Arrive and greeted by Bernadette ( in a Pink shirt)  who is a ex Dubbo lady from the well known Snare family, time to settle in and then happy hour at 4.30! 

I learn some fellow Dubbians are staying in the park, and it happens to be the Manager of the Oncology unit when I had me treatment 8 years ago, I remember her so well she was only only nurse that could find a vein for my chemo! 

Bernadette husband David welcomes everyone around 30 people have gathered,  gives some local facts and history, then introduces me, then on the spot invites me to say a few words, I respond only a few that will be hard! 

Groovy of course is a hit again with a few taking the time for a photo. 

David and Bernadette are wonderful hosts, today they have put on a vegetable soup and home made damper, the fire is magical and David adds a special touch and it turns from a red glow to rainbow, no better bush TV to watch with a glass of red in hand!