Thursday Sept 14

Up and over to have a few photos with Donna, Geoff and Barney.

And it is on the road again, all is going well singing along, now on the way out we got photos of the Bra and Undies tree but missed the coffee cup tree, so we spot it I pull off the road put the window down, take the shot go to put the window up and clunk.. and it won't budge to go back up so drive onto Emmdale roadhouse  here we go again 2 blondes in an RV playing damsels in distress! Truckie looks at it and says it is more than likely the mechanics and you need to take the panel off to get to it and he unfortunately is on his way to Adelaide and can't spare the time! We grab a coffee and push on for the next 150kms to Cobar it is a mild 14 degrees out so on with jacket, crank up the heater and music, now by the time we hit Cobar I am a little wind blown, nice hair and that are what caps are for! Ring NRMA again 3rd time in a week!! Young fellow comes and looks and say it is to late to look at today he can have a look in the morning at 8am, so we head back to the Caravan Park and take up Karen's offer of another night! Pink Blanket over window, heater on all is good!