Monday October 23

Up and packed up we hit the barrier highway back to home base, so grateful to be able to make this journey, see so much of our amazing country and met so many beautiful and inspiring people!  

As with any journey sometimes you need to make change when challenges arise which we did, but we wouldn't change a thing. 


47 days or 6 weeks , 5 days.

8,591 KM's travelled.

100 odd hours of driving. 

Stayed at 23 towns 

Visited 4 states - NSW , Qld , NT and SA. 

Left bras and stickers in every state. 

Calls to the NRMA was 3  - Disel line - Raditor- Window.



Lowest paid $1.26 

Highest paid $1.90


Site fees

Lowest paid $25.00 a night

Highest paid $50.00 a night

Free camp nights - none



Weather we experienced 

Ranged from 6 degrees to 44 degrees.



Highways, byways, dirt tracks.


We saw 

Emus, Kangaroos, wild goats, wild pigs, snakes, lizards, sheep, cows, echidnas horses,camels, birds, larmas , dingo.


Solar cars, road trains, trucks, tractors trains, helicopters, planes, ships, boats and automobiles new and old. 


Mountains, hills, Desert, plains, creeks ( mostly dry) rivers, oceans, dams, lakes, waterholes, gorges, salt lakes. 

We saw the amazing Uluru both dry and wet. 


Were delighted by amazing sunrises and sunsets, clear blue skies, clouds, rain, rainbows and sun. 

We went Underground and up in the sky. 


Visited and saw Museums, dinosaurs, dunny  races, chook races, crayfish races. Spectator Field of lights at Uluru 



We were photographed by locals in every state, and travellers national and international. 


We were called

Groovy chicks, babes, girls, gals, two pink ladies. 

Groovy has been called Awesome amazing, wonderful, inspiring, beautiful.

We heard truckies call her weird and Pricilla queen of the Desert 


We have been back up singers and dancers, walked in a parade. 


We met 

Drag queens, drag kings, men and women young and old from many cultures, pink sisters, and some amazing inspiring people. 


We have learnt Aboriginal language, cultural and painting. 


We tried to loss weight but is just stayed with us didn't want to miss out!!! 

We tried to lighten the load in Groovy but we seem to just add at every stop, pink hats, paintings, candles, clothes, books, maps, dirt, shells, rocks and FRIDGE magnets! 


We ate Roo Poo, Kangaroo and 10 cans of baked beans. 


Laughed so hard our stomached ached! 


Made up games, painted rocks, decorated a tree pink. 


Thanks for sharing it with us.

Sunday October 22

Today we travel back to Cobar about 20kms out of broken hill seems we have blown a Bra!!! New Bra now flying we  pass the Bra, bottle tree, coffee cup tree and have keep some pink to make a pink tree! We also had spotted painted rocks on our trip so decide to do a breast cancer one!

Friday October 20

Today it is off to Peterborough, flying the bras through the Flinders Ranges with stops at Wilmington and we catch up with lady we met in Broken Hill who was proud to tell us she had been for her Mammogram and all clear!

Thursday October 19

With a little bit of rain we take a drive to Whyalla and a happy to meet locals and see shops Pinked Up to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Fly the bras along the beach and visit Mount Laura Homestead. And then we find George Ave Fish and Chip shop and met owner Lorraine who is also pinked up!

Wednesday October 18

Our hump day stop Port Augusta a small city seaport located on the East Coast of the Spencer Gulf just 188kms down the road. They is always time to stop and chat with fellow travellers who were keen to get a stubbie holder! 

Explore the The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden and the Wadlata Outback Centre!

Tuesday October 17

Today we stop to admire the Salt Lakes then a comfort stop at Pimba which is basically and old roadhouse and pub then on to Woomera in the far north region of South Australia, the afternoon is spent checking out Woomera Aircraft and Missile Park and Heritage Centre. 

Bit like I say with Pink , no one ever says to many sunsets so here is another one to enjoy.

Monday October 16th

Just a short 2 1/2 hour drive along the Stuart Highway to Glenbambo, while driving listening to UHF one truckie says to another you should see the weird look Bus coming your way it has bras flying off it! We certainly get people’s attention and  brighten their days!

Sunday October 15

Up early to catch the Sunrise at The Breakaways just beautiful and so peaceful.

Some more sightseeing  around town and at Crocodile Harry's interesting place. 

Then head to the RSL club for dinner and chat to more locals.

Saturday October 14

Explore Coober Pedy and meet some of the locals and fellow travellers.

Underground churches, the Big Mine, Boot Hill. Local Tanya was happy to help spread the word.

Friday October 13th

Today we leave the NT we have learn so much about the culture and language the video is a reminder to all.  The next state to explore and start the conversation is  South Australia. 

The ever changing landscape just amazes us.

Thursday Oct 12th

Easy lay day to catch up on washing, time to leave our stickers, bra and knickers! Then enjoy our last sunset in the NT. Tomorrow will be a Bran Nu Dae and we will head into South Australia.

Monday Oct 9, Tuesday Oct 10, Wednesday Oct 11

Monday we flew the bras twice around Uluru, caught up for dinner with Jen Cowley and Mark Horton for Dinner. 

Tuesday wake up to a rare sight out the windows a lake after a night of pouring rain and storms. 

Now time  to Kata Tujua 

Wednesday on road again after 5 wonderful nights at a breathtaking beautiful peaceful place of our amazing country. We decide the next stop is Kulgera, we come across these vehicles driving slow as we approach we see writing in the cars and flashing lights and we pass to find ourselves overtaking only to see these small solar cars and I mean small I wouldn't like to be the driver when those road trains doing 130kms pass, they make Groovy shake, it's a wonder they don't blow those cars off the road, they are part of the World Solar Car Challenge with 54 countries competing. Then the wind picks up as the clouds roll in and we drive into what feels like the eye of a storm then 10 minutes later it's gone

Friday October 6, Saturday Oct 7, Sunday Oct 8

Leave Curtin Springs for the short hour drive to Yulara. 

Time to catch up with family and friends with 3 days at Desert Gardens Hotel.  Groovy is sparkling and parked were everyone can see her, and is still getting attention. 

We enjoy a Sunset tour and BBQ, camel rides, field of lights, helicopter ride over Uluru which is breath taking.

Thursday October 5th

Up time for photos with adoring fans who where happy to Pink it up, a quick wash down for Groovy, then on road to Curtin Springs, stop off at Mt Connor Lookout and salt lakes for photos.

Tuesday October 3 and Wednesday October 4

Time for some sight seeing around Alice Springs. 

Road transport Hall of Fame, Old Chan Railway, National Pioneer Women's Hall of Fame, Old Goal , Telegraph Station, chat to some of the local indigenous people and a spot of shopping. 

Wednesday afternoon it is on the road to Erldunda, time to wash the bras and catch another spectacular sunset.

Monday October 2

Head back to Ormision Gorge chat to a beautiful young lady she is free camping travelling with 4 kids from Melbourne, she tells us that 2 of her sister in laws had had breast cancer one a survivor of 17 years - the other she help nurse for 2 years , losing her battle at just 45. 

On to Standley Chasm and Simpsons Gap

Sunday October 1

Sunday we spent looking around Glen Helen Gorge in a mild top of 14 degrees having a photo with Adele and her family.

September 30

Wake up to light rain. 


Meet Lola when we stop at the Tropic of Capricorn for a photo, she is travelling around Oz by herself, Lola leaves a message of hope for us to take on the trip for her step daughter who is currently fighting breast cancer. We comment about her travelling alone she tells us she lost her husband to cancer and promised him she would travel Australia and scatter his ashes.

We arrive at Alice Springs grab a bite to eat for lunch and on recommendation from a couple we met last night at Gemtree decide to head out to West MacDonnell National Park then work our way back in.

Now all I will say it took about 1/2 hour for Viv to get us out of town! Maps and google couldn't help, lucky the man at local IGA could! 

Ok here we are driving along in amazement of the scenery of the West MacDonnell ranges and miss the turn off to our planned destination Ormiston Gorge, so pull off and turn around and then hear a noise in the back left tyre first thought we have blown a tyre pull off road again and hop out just as a car goes by, and it stops and turns around to check we are ok the couple names Clare and Kevin Love, after we all check tyres and agree they all are fine! Clare says maybe you have picked up stone, so we take off and noise continues, they had followed us and gives us the news that we have a huge rock lodged between the tyres! Kevin crawls under in this lovely clothes, then say do you have any tools, hum yes not sure what he said maybe a hammer and if I can brake the rock up, so I find my Pink hammer and he goes to work, about 15mins later the rock is gone, and no damage to the tyres we are back on the road. We will be every grateful for their time and help, I apologise to Kevin who is now covered in Red Dust, he says it's ok due to change them anyway, Clare comments it will be another story we can tell from our trip. 

We arrive at Ormiston Gorge - no powered sites, I say to Viv we will just have to free camp she say no way everyone  comes out to checkout Groovy, gent suggests we drive onto 

Glen Helen Gorge. 

Adele comes straight over she is a pink sister diagnosed at 50 and 3 years down the track, Her husband Chris and Children Ryan and Kate have been on the road 3 weeks travelling from Melbourne and heading back tomorrow.