Monday September 25

Just a short 121kms up the highway through scenic mountain terrain we arrive at Mt Isa we see the first double lane roads, roundabouts and traffic lights in two weeks. City driving again!

Sunday September 24

Nice Sunday drive 379kms from Winton to Cloncurry the scenery ever changing, a hot 42 degrees a hour up the track is Kynuna slap bang in the middle of Waltzing Matilda history, and home to the Blue Heeler Pub, we meet fellow travellers, one lady has been diagnosed with a very rare vaginal cancer ( 7 australians a year diagnosed) and outcome not good,  sell a couple of stubbie holders, enjoy a homemade sausage roll and a cold light beer.

We continue along the Matilda Way to McKinlay and stop to enjoy a drink and chat to publicans Frank and Deb at crocodile dundee's watering hole, and  home to Mick Dundee's bar and the Never Never Safari Truck, after a few photos with one local saying I hope if I show my wife this she will made the time and have a check!!! 

We then take a drive to the Art Tree and Queensland's smallest public library! 

On the road to Cloncurry arrive and head straight to the pool to cool off. 

Saturday September 23

Groovy had a rest day parked under a tree in the Caravan Park. 

We had the day at the festival first stop was the Tatts Hotel to meet the publican Paul, he had lost his wife to Breast Cancer a few years earlier. And leave our mark in the bar. 

Now we find a shady spot in the 40 degree heat to watch the street parade. Checkout the shops and head to the North Gregory Hotel to watch the chook races!  Oh course we were going for Pinky! So funny.

Friday September 22

Although we had secured the cabin some of today's road were a little bit different to the highways we have been travelling on  most Morning for the first 10 minutes of travel you wait to hear if anything moves, today all seemed good until we hit the corrigated road, then the old girl shook and then a few crashes with us saying wonder what that was? 

You also need to remember when you pull up that things may have shifted, open a cupboard and it is nothing to be hit in the head with a cup or plate Pink of course! 

We arrive at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs and are greeted by founder David Elliot, it was amazing and a must for any traveller heading this way. It was hot in the 40's have a quick coffee with David. 

We then head to the Check Main Street with a bite and a coldie at Tatts Hotel.

Back for a quick freshen up before we head to the famous Dunny Races.

Thursday September 21

First up we add a bra to the fence @4LG & West FM.

Then it's time to grab a few things at IGA and as we are heading in my phone rings Dubboite Trish Morris and says were are you? Just spotted Groovy parked in front of IGA so we have a quick chat in IGA, we are both heading to Winton, one more what we thought would be a quick stop, but as usual we got talking to locals I Had a lovely chat to Helen learning about the wonderful support West'n Breast & Prostate Support Group are giving in the area at a difficult time for many. 

Keep up the fabulous work.Helen is not only one in a million, also one in eight! She was supportive of us and happy to help spread the word. 

On the road again we pull into Winton and catch the evening show by Bush poet Gregory North! 

Wednesday September 20

Up to wash a bit of dust out of the clothes!, we start to walk into town a police car comes along pulls up to tell us 100 horses are coming up the street which is the Battle of Bashiber commemorations for the light horse! We stop under a tree  George Old Time Tent Show it was a hoot performed by 2 young local blokes a great hour of entertainment! And like any good show it has a white horse with a pink bra as eye mask! 

We call it for lunch and meet a local 

We catch a cab back to the park Local Judy is the taxi driver a lovely friendly lady.

Monday September 18

Time to checkout what Blackall has, this town is nestled on the banks of the Barcoo River and offers plenty from the Black Stump, the Woolscour, a must is a visit to the Universal Garden Centre to see the historic display of Jack Howe, he achieved the incredible feat of shearing 321 sheep in seven hours and 40mins with blade shears a record which has never been broken. As we are about to leave this lively little town we come across Ram Park which is home to many historic buildings after a hour of wandering we are back on the Matilda Way to our next stop Barcaldine and of course we stop at the Tree of Knowledge, our next stop which will be home for 3 night they call the heart of outback Queensland Longreach!

Sunday September 17

Time to take in the local sights of Charleville and fly the bras around the streets. 

Augathella an interesting little town, with its history and community artworks its greatest claim to fame in recent times is as the home for a time of Moore ( Neville ) Raymond author of the smiley books and the young lad Didy Creevy upon whom the smiley character and stories are based, also home of the meat ants which is actually there footy team.  A lady heard we had pulled in, the good old bush telegraph still works, she found us at the Keniff Tree she wanted to know what we were doing and wanted to chat as she was organising a fundraiser in Blackall for Breast Cancer. 

Just down the road we come to Tambo the central west's oldest little town.

We then roll into Blackall just in time for happy hour and some live music by Evan Bayer. 

We get some few travellers up to dance, one lady says this is the happiest happy hour I have ever had. 

Saturday September 16

Time for a look around Cunnamulla and meet the Cunnamulla fella! 

We cruise  for 199 kms Cunnamulla to Charleville with a short stop and look at Wyandra. 

As soon as we pull up a gent named Ray comes over for a chat he lost his Mum to BC when she was just 48, buys a stubbie holder. 

We head into Camp kitchen chat another fellow traveller who is on heading to see sister in Dubbo.

Friday September 15

Ok up early and out to have window looked at! 

Options are stay a week while the order new mechanics! Not going to happen!

Drive back to Dubbo and have it repaired! Not going to happen! 

Tape it up and push on! Yes I knew that Pink tape would come in handy!

So on to Bourke then up the road for a night in Cunnamulla. Stop in at the last Pub in NSW and lady says aren't you Donna Falconer from Dubbo when then go on to workout she is my sister in laws Aunty!

Thursday Sept 14

Up and over to have a few photos with Donna, Geoff and Barney.

And it is on the road again, all is going well singing along, now on the way out we got photos of the Bra and Undies tree but missed the coffee cup tree, so we spot it I pull off the road put the window down, take the shot go to put the window up and clunk.. and it won't budge to go back up so drive onto Emmdale roadhouse  here we go again 2 blondes in an RV playing damsels in distress! Truckie looks at it and says it is more than likely the mechanics and you need to take the panel off to get to it and he unfortunately is on his way to Adelaide and can't spare the time! We grab a coffee and push on for the next 150kms to Cobar it is a mild 14 degrees out so on with jacket, crank up the heater and music, now by the time we hit Cobar I am a little wind blown, nice hair and that are what caps are for! Ring NRMA again 3rd time in a week!! Young fellow comes and looks and say it is to late to look at today he can have a look in the morning at 8am, so we head back to the Caravan Park and take up Karen's offer of another night! Pink Blanket over window, heater on all is good!

Wednesday September 13th

Drop Groovy off from new radiator 

Geoff and Donna pick us up , coffee then off ! Drive out to Menindee for the day, quite cool and windy, first a look around the old Woolshed then  we enjoy a champagne and chicken lunch at the main weir. 

Back in town by 4 to pick up Groovy and head back to park for happy hour drinks, early night for an early start on Thursday for a long drive the plan is to make it to Bourke!

Tuesday September 12

Time for a little more sightseeing and flying the bras in the Silver City so off to the  Pro Hart Gallery and The Big Picture which was impressive a 12m x 100m acrylic painting on canvas. 

Monday September 11

Up and off the the local 999 ABC radio for an interview. 

Then took Groovy over to be fitted for her new radiator. While she was having her fitting we walked up to Bells Milkbar for a good old fashion spider! 

After her fitting picked up Groovy and off to explore some of the sights in the Silver city. A drive out to RFDS, then up to the  Miners Memorial and The Big Chair. Home for a rest before going with Donna and Geoff to the Living Desert Reserve which has breathtaking scenery and views in a unique 2400ha reserve,initiated by Gosford - based sculptor Lawrence Beck and created by 12 artists from five countries, the sandstone pieces celebrate the connection between art and the enviroment.

Sunday September 10

Head to the Palace for a Mimosa, before catching Bus to the Silverton Day out. 

Lunch and show at the hotel with Donna and Geoff, then a visit to Mad Max 2 museum and craft shops. 

Donna and Geoff drop us back into town we have a wander and a coldie, dinner at the Silver City Chinese, before heading to the Silver City Cinema to watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert on the big screen 23 years after it was filmed, still a great movie.

Saturday Sept 9

Call the NRMA as the service light flashing low coolant came on about 50kms out on Friday afternoon, has happened a few times so call in the experts, not the best news she needs a new radiator, Steve says it is only a small leak at moment but not worth running the risk so early in the trip, so need to take her on Monday. 

We head along to the Street Parade and the Gay Nomads ask us to join them. Was great fun to be apart off. 

Back to the Caravan for a change of Pink and off to the Palace for Night 2 of shows the Glitterbomb dance party.

We are a little more warmly Pinkly dressed after it chilling down last night. Enjoyed Trevor Ashley perform along with the so you think you can drag finals. We catch the Demo club bus home!

Friday Sept 8

Happy Hour is at 4pm we arrive at 3.30 in the Pink, Miranda is performing and we are asked to be her back up singers and dancers! 

At 5pm we catch the courtesy bus to The Palace Hotel for opening night of the Broken Heel festival - frock on or frock off party. 

We spot two space seats at a table ask if we can join them, we sit down and they announce they are the proud mum and step dad of one of the hosts Art Simone we have a lovely chat and they say they will save us a seat in front of the main stage! 

Head inside for a bite to eat and fellow travellers and neighbours at the Caravan Park Donna & Geoff ask us to join them. 

Enjoy a evening of bling and crystal heels, and a fabulous Priscilla tribute show. 

Thursday September 7th

Up and time to hit the road the owner of the Caravan Park ( Karen)  comes over for a photo and insists The night is on her! Top up fuel and wash the windows We are off to Broken  Heel!!! 

Coffee stop at Emmdale, then a ice cream stop at Little Topar.

Arrive in Broken Hill, our Pink at the ready, first stop the Palace hotel for a cool drink, and run into Miss Vegemite. 

Head out to the Caravan Park set up and power not working, Viv heads to camp kitchen to enlist help, lovely gents comes out and yep again if you turn switch on it works!! 

Wednesday September 6th

Day 1, time to go and vote at the local council elections, head over to Dubbo Tyres and batteries to have Tyres checked for the Kms ahead. 

To a photo shoot at Two doors to promote the Dine Pink for BCNA and few shots of Groovy before we hit the highway! 

Head in to fuel up still not adjusted to being in Groovy stop a little bit to far away from bowser, and decide it will be ok and have pushed to hard as when I go to replace fuel cap it won't go back on, ok here we go again time to play damsel in distress, a guy comes over says I have disengaged the diesel line!!! So go to ring NRMA and yes the voice comes over the speaker Lady you can't use your mobile outside!! Diesel all over me head to pay and ring up, just than a poor unsuspecting guy pulls up in a Truck, he looks at it and says yep needs repair can't go anywhere like that, but if you have a couple of paper clips I can fix it to get you on the road and if you are gentle will last for the trip! 

Get into Cobar about 6pm, plug in a settle in for first night with the first 300 kms done.