Sunday March 25

Great Sunday Drive Dubbo to Bourke. Very windy that’s outside not in! Just out of Dubbo was hit by a flying P plate from the car in front, then i won the game of Spot a Roo 50 to nil plus I gave myself bonus points for a fox, my vocal cords had a workout with no one to cover their ears or pull a face! Sadly No co pilot this trip! 

Had a quick stop in Nyngan to meet the little Bogan! 

Must say I was worried when I left Dubs as hadn’t had time to wash Groovy and she had a few cobwebs on her, good thing really as she was covered in mud by the time I arrived in Bourke and needed a good wash , drove through dust storms and yes then it rained and we some hit unsealed roads. 

Pink broom and a pink hose fixed that, now just to wash her bras in the morning!

While finishing setting up fellow travellers stop for a chat on their way out to dinner, so start a conversation and then the husband says to the wife I having been telling you, you should be checked! 

So I head over and leave them some info and that life saving no 13 20 50 to get an appointment at BreastScreen NSW.

Time to sort out few things and make the bed, I pull the whole mattress off to put the fitted sheet on, it is easier then doing an aerobic class to get in on, and 18 months together and like any relationship still finding out things, I find another big storage cupboard, looks like I can buy a bit more pink!! 

Looking forward to spending the day tomorrow meeting people starting a conversation and promoting my book “MY TIME through breast cancer and beyond”