Thursday September 21

First up we add a bra to the fence @4LG & West FM.

Then it's time to grab a few things at IGA and as we are heading in my phone rings Dubboite Trish Morris and says were are you? Just spotted Groovy parked in front of IGA so we have a quick chat in IGA, we are both heading to Winton, one more what we thought would be a quick stop, but as usual we got talking to locals I Had a lovely chat to Helen learning about the wonderful support West'n Breast & Prostate Support Group are giving in the area at a difficult time for many. 

Keep up the fabulous work.Helen is not only one in a million, also one in eight! She was supportive of us and happy to help spread the word. 

On the road again we pull into Winton and catch the evening show by Bush poet Gregory North!