September 30

Wake up to light rain. 


Meet Lola when we stop at the Tropic of Capricorn for a photo, she is travelling around Oz by herself, Lola leaves a message of hope for us to take on the trip for her step daughter who is currently fighting breast cancer. We comment about her travelling alone she tells us she lost her husband to cancer and promised him she would travel Australia and scatter his ashes.

We arrive at Alice Springs grab a bite to eat for lunch and on recommendation from a couple we met last night at Gemtree decide to head out to West MacDonnell National Park then work our way back in.

Now all I will say it took about 1/2 hour for Viv to get us out of town! Maps and google couldn't help, lucky the man at local IGA could! 

Ok here we are driving along in amazement of the scenery of the West MacDonnell ranges and miss the turn off to our planned destination Ormiston Gorge, so pull off and turn around and then hear a noise in the back left tyre first thought we have blown a tyre pull off road again and hop out just as a car goes by, and it stops and turns around to check we are ok the couple names Clare and Kevin Love, after we all check tyres and agree they all are fine! Clare says maybe you have picked up stone, so we take off and noise continues, they had followed us and gives us the news that we have a huge rock lodged between the tyres! Kevin crawls under in this lovely clothes, then say do you have any tools, hum yes not sure what he said maybe a hammer and if I can brake the rock up, so I find my Pink hammer and he goes to work, about 15mins later the rock is gone, and no damage to the tyres we are back on the road. We will be every grateful for their time and help, I apologise to Kevin who is now covered in Red Dust, he says it's ok due to change them anyway, Clare comments it will be another story we can tell from our trip. 

We arrive at Ormiston Gorge - no powered sites, I say to Viv we will just have to free camp she say no way everyone  comes out to checkout Groovy, gent suggests we drive onto 

Glen Helen Gorge. 

Adele comes straight over she is a pink sister diagnosed at 50 and 3 years down the track, Her husband Chris and Children Ryan and Kate have been on the road 3 weeks travelling from Melbourne and heading back tomorrow.