Monday Oct 9, Tuesday Oct 10, Wednesday Oct 11

Monday we flew the bras twice around Uluru, caught up for dinner with Jen Cowley and Mark Horton for Dinner. 

Tuesday wake up to a rare sight out the windows a lake after a night of pouring rain and storms. 

Now time  to Kata Tujua 

Wednesday on road again after 5 wonderful nights at a breathtaking beautiful peaceful place of our amazing country. We decide the next stop is Kulgera, we come across these vehicles driving slow as we approach we see writing in the cars and flashing lights and we pass to find ourselves overtaking only to see these small solar cars and I mean small I wouldn't like to be the driver when those road trains doing 130kms pass, they make Groovy shake, it's a wonder they don't blow those cars off the road, they are part of the World Solar Car Challenge with 54 countries competing. Then the wind picks up as the clouds roll in and we drive into what feels like the eye of a storm then 10 minutes later it's gone