Tuesday March 14th

Noosa it has been nice, but it is time to move on, up we head for a shower come out to pouring rain so the bras got a good wash! 10 mins later sun out pack up time to have a look around, my co - pilot heads home, so  time to head down the Sunshine Coast, cruising along and the rain hits, turn wipers on, then they stop along with my reversing camera, pull into a servo, young girl no help, play damsel in distress but the 2 tradies had no idea, ring RACQ for my NRMA road side service, so looks like I have paid and not covered because of weight of vechile !!!! Ok pouring rain , bras getting another wash , its only 20kms to next stop! So I wait for rain to easy but not so easy driving without wipers!!  Pull into Maroochy River Park, explain my situation to the lovely lady she said that is ok my husband will help you back in, so I see the man follow him then he comes to window and to my surprise I know him from years back, Blake said I saw your Bus and thought I wonder how Donna Falconer is doing these days, and then it's you! Do a bit of housework while waiting for a guy to come and sort out my fuses!! 9pm still waiting don't think he is coming tonight so now just listening to the rain and can only get SBS on TV! Tomorrow is a new day!