Sunday July 2

Nice white blanket outside again, all the water pipes frozen. So up to make the standard Sunday morning Bacon and Eggs & coffee. Outside in the sun by 10am wrapped in a pink blanket although my weather apps says it is 9 degrees when the breeze picks up feels like 0!!! Time to do some writing for the next project, look up and Nobby is doing a morning walk around the park we chat he a well spoken elderly chap. He always has a story he had worked as a pilot in the RAAF, before  travelling for 12 years in this van, now settled in Coolah. 

He heads over to chat to another full time resident Chris. Many of the residents are out walking their 4 legged friends this morning. 

Chris McMillian calls over as they still have water, there cabin is not affected by the burst pipe, kindly fills my pink jug and offers I can use there shower if needed! 

Return and get a few more words down then Barry comes around on his scooter, we chat when I say I am leaving to be back in Dubbo for a Rotary changeover dinner, he tells me he apart of the Rotary Nomads and scoots off to get me some cards to pass on. 

Now about 14 of the full time residents are heading up the the local bowling club for a Chinese lunch, one of the ladies had been unwell recently and everyone had helped look after things while she was a way and not upto doing things. So she shouting her Angels a lunch to say thanks to her friends in there little park community. 

Sue calls up to checkout Groovy, as we chat, the clock hits 4.15 we see Nobby as he heads over to happy hour, I am told he is always  first to arrive and takes up his position at the end of the table. Lyndy and Deb call up to checkout Groovy and the Pink. 

We head down to the fire for the daily happy hour catch up! It doesn't take long to cool off head back to the van, heat and PJ's on have Lasagne and Kale Salad for Dinner, then snuggle under my Pink doona and watch some TV.