Saturday August 5th

This ones for Sue.

12 months ago just after picking up Groovy, I visited a friend Sue who was in hospital Pallitive care a pink sister with Secondary breast cancer.

I said we're do you want me to take you? 

Sue said Hamilton Island! 

My answer I am not sure I can make that happen, Sue responded well I will be just happy to go to Wongarbon with you!  In her last days I promised I would take her! 

Tuesday will be 12 months since she passed. 

Saturday was a perfect day for Di and I to head out, we decided we would first drive to Wellington for lunch at the Calf and Cow and a quick Shopping for some PINK, on the way back we called into Ponto Falls reserve to a have a bottle of Sue's favourite beverage Shampoo (bubbles) next back to Wongarbon for a happy hour drink another friend Libby joined us, then the 3 D's from Dubbo, Donna, Di and Debbie had dinner and cranked up the Juke box at Pub, lady Di and Princess Donna sleep over in Wongarbon pub car park! A good night and want went on in the van stays in the van.