Wednesday September 6th

Day 1, time to go and vote at the local council elections, head over to Dubbo Tyres and batteries to have Tyres checked for the Kms ahead. 

To a photo shoot at Two doors to promote the Dine Pink for BCNA and few shots of Groovy before we hit the highway! 

Head in to fuel up still not adjusted to being in Groovy stop a little bit to far away from bowser, and decide it will be ok and have pushed to hard as when I go to replace fuel cap it won't go back on, ok here we go again time to play damsel in distress, a guy comes over says I have disengaged the diesel line!!! So go to ring NRMA and yes the voice comes over the speaker Lady you can't use your mobile outside!! Diesel all over me head to pay and ring up, just than a poor unsuspecting guy pulls up in a Truck, he looks at it and says yep needs repair can't go anywhere like that, but if you have a couple of paper clips I can fix it to get you on the road and if you are gentle will last for the trip! 

Get into Cobar about 6pm, plug in a settle in for first night with the first 300 kms done.