Sunday September 17

Time to take in the local sights of Charleville and fly the bras around the streets. 

Augathella an interesting little town, with its history and community artworks its greatest claim to fame in recent times is as the home for a time of Moore ( Neville ) Raymond author of the smiley books and the young lad Didy Creevy upon whom the smiley character and stories are based, also home of the meat ants which is actually there footy team.  A lady heard we had pulled in, the good old bush telegraph still works, she found us at the Keniff Tree she wanted to know what we were doing and wanted to chat as she was organising a fundraiser in Blackall for Breast Cancer. 

Just down the road we come to Tambo the central west's oldest little town.

We then roll into Blackall just in time for happy hour and some live music by Evan Bayer. 

We get some few travellers up to dance, one lady says this is the happiest happy hour I have ever had.