Monday October 23

Up and packed up we hit the barrier highway back to home base, so grateful to be able to make this journey, see so much of our amazing country and met so many beautiful and inspiring people!  

As with any journey sometimes you need to make change when challenges arise which we did, but we wouldn't change a thing. 


47 days or 6 weeks , 5 days.

8,591 KM's travelled.

100 odd hours of driving. 

Stayed at 23 towns 

Visited 4 states - NSW , Qld , NT and SA. 

Left bras and stickers in every state. 

Calls to the NRMA was 3  - Disel line - Raditor- Window.



Lowest paid $1.26 

Highest paid $1.90


Site fees

Lowest paid $25.00 a night

Highest paid $50.00 a night

Free camp nights - none



Weather we experienced 

Ranged from 6 degrees to 44 degrees.



Highways, byways, dirt tracks.


We saw 

Emus, Kangaroos, wild goats, wild pigs, snakes, lizards, sheep, cows, echidnas horses,camels, birds, larmas , dingo.


Solar cars, road trains, trucks, tractors trains, helicopters, planes, ships, boats and automobiles new and old. 


Mountains, hills, Desert, plains, creeks ( mostly dry) rivers, oceans, dams, lakes, waterholes, gorges, salt lakes. 

We saw the amazing Uluru both dry and wet. 


Were delighted by amazing sunrises and sunsets, clear blue skies, clouds, rain, rainbows and sun. 

We went Underground and up in the sky. 


Visited and saw Museums, dinosaurs, dunny  races, chook races, crayfish races. Spectator Field of lights at Uluru 



We were photographed by locals in every state, and travellers national and international. 


We were called

Groovy chicks, babes, girls, gals, two pink ladies. 

Groovy has been called Awesome amazing, wonderful, inspiring, beautiful.

We heard truckies call her weird and Pricilla queen of the Desert 


We have been back up singers and dancers, walked in a parade. 


We met 

Drag queens, drag kings, men and women young and old from many cultures, pink sisters, and some amazing inspiring people. 


We have learnt Aboriginal language, cultural and painting. 


We tried to loss weight but is just stayed with us didn't want to miss out!!! 

We tried to lighten the load in Groovy but we seem to just add at every stop, pink hats, paintings, candles, clothes, books, maps, dirt, shells, rocks and FRIDGE magnets! 


We ate Roo Poo, Kangaroo and 10 cans of baked beans. 


Laughed so hard our stomached ached! 


Made up games, painted rocks, decorated a tree pink. 


Thanks for sharing it with us.